Cheap Mahogany Wooden Flooring

Mahogany wooden flooring has a natural reddish color that shines through pigments. The wood has minimal pockets and is a straight grain, which distinguishes it from woods like American oak, which have lots of rings and bold character lines. If you look closely at the natural wood, with the light brush-stroke markings, and sheen, it almost looks like animal furniture.

Mahogany hardwood floors are usually available in either dark brown or auburn colors, to enhance the wood's red undertones that make it so lovely. BR111's Santos Mahogany wood floor is spectacular and sophisticated, with softness to its lines that look like watercolors painted delicately onto the wood.

It's also a popular choice because of its attractive pricing. Floors in this line are available in both solid and engineered, with BR111 being an exotic flooring company that is very conscious environmentally. The average price for engineered in this line is around $5.00 or so, per square foot, with solids around $7.00 or $8.00.

If you're interested in purchasing a mahogany wood floor, contact an exotic wood flooring specialist that can guide you through the selection process and help you choose which flooring option is right for you.

The national tree of Belize, Mahogany is known more for its use in crafting furniture than it is in manufacturing hardwood floors. But in recent years, Mahogany Hardwood Floors have escalated in appeal and popularity.

Mahogany trees can be found across both the northern and southern hemispheres- from Florida to Central America and the Caribbean, and on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America. Sadly, Mahogany is nearly extinct in South America, and across the world it is considered endangered specie.

While there are environmental concerns regarding this wood, hardwood flooring manufacturers have taken great measures to ensure they can meet homeowners' demands for Exotic Hardwood Floors while still maintaining environmental sustainability. They do this through the production of engineered Hardwood Floors, so that only the top layer is the exotic wood itself, and underneath, a more sustainable wood is used. This means homeowners won't face high costs for floors and there is minimal impact on the environment.