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Company Name : PT Geristha Mulia
Feature Product : Antique Reproduction Furniture
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Pt. Geristha Mulia is an PMA Company (Foreign Investment Company) that started business in 1986 as a small company based in Jepara, Central Java, called CV Eastern Trading Company. Jepara is located in Central Java and is known as the furniture capital of Indonesia. The people of Jepara have been carving and building furniture for 100’s of years and some say over a 1000 years. Kings and Queens, Sultans and dignitaries have received the beautiful wood carvings and furniture as gifts and have ordered furniture from Jepara for their own homes.

CV Eastern Trading Company shipped its first 20ft container to Holland over 15 years ago. The first container took over six months to be organized, finish and shipped. CV Eastern Trading Company opened its operation in a small 900 sq. ft. (360 sq. meter) warehouse and at the time there were only two other companies with export grade products available. In 1989 CV Eastern Trading Company moved to a larger warehouse, 1270 sq. ft (500 sq. meters). With the move to a larger warehouse it allowed the company to ship more than one 40 ft container per week and that was considered a great achievement. In 1990 the company expanded its space to 3050 sq. ft. (1200 sq. meters). In 1992 CV Eastern Trading Company changed its name to Pt. Geristha Mulia and enlarged its factory one more time by adding another 2,540 sq. ft (1,000 sq. meters). During this year Pt. Geristha Mulia also created the very first catalogue of Indonesian Reproduction Furniture, no exporter to date had put its collection in a catalogue form. This catalogue to date is still used and is known as the bible of Indonesian antique reproduction furniture. With the warehouse totaling more than 2000 sq. meters Pt. Geristha Mulia was able to ship more than 10 containers a month. In 1993 once more Pt. Geristha Mulia rented more space this time 500 sq. meters. The growth of Pt. Geristha Mulia expanded at a rapid pace in the following years and it was decided to purchase land and build its own factory, the demand for the furniture had grown beyond 25 containers a month. In March of 1995 Pt. Geristha Mulia moved to its new 19,050 sq. ft. (7,500 sq. meter factory) the largest factory in Jepara’s history. In 1997 as the demand increased another 10,000 sq. meters were added and a record 60 containers a month was reached, a total no one in Indonesian reproduction furniture business has surpassed today. In 1997 another 5,000 sq. meters were added making the total factory space of over 22,000 sq. meters making Pt. Geristha Mulia the largest furniture wholesaler and exporter under roof in Jepara, Central Java.

If you are coming to Indonesia to buy or consider buying antique reproduction furniture we invite you to take a tour of our factory and visit one of Jepara’s most well known antique reproduction furniture landmarks. Please contact us and let us know when you will come to Indonesia so we may assist you with planning your trip.
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